There have been countless “spooky” images that have made their way onto the internet over the years. From alleged sightings of Bigfoot to supposed UFOs in the sky, it seems like there’s no shortage of such pictures if you go looking for them.

Now, let’s be clear from the start – most of these images have perfectly reasonable explanations. More often than not, the paranormal element or eerie detail is simply a result of camera blurring or clever Photoshopping.

However, there are rare instances where photos appear to defy all logic. Take the case of runner Kay Borleis, who stumbled upon a truly haunting detail in a photo taken during her 100-mile run through the Hawaiian rainforest.

In 2019, Kay participated in the Hawaiian Ultra Running Team’s Trail 100-Mile Endurance Run. This grueling race requires participants to complete five laps of a 20-mile loop through thick rainforest. Kay’s friend, Cassie, joined her as a pacer and snapped photos along the way.

One particular image seemed innocent enough at first – it showed Kay trudging along a muddy trail in the heart of the jungle. But upon closer inspection, something unsettling became apparent.

Kay noticed a figure in the frame, situated to the left of her head. Strangely enough, they hadn’t seen anyone passing by, and there were no statues along the trail. Kay took to Reddit to share the photo, adamantly stating that it was neither photoshopped nor fabricated – it was real.

Close-ups of the image revealed a dark figure, dressed in ragged garb, seemingly watching Kay as she ran. Despite the chilling sight, Kay insisted that there was no one present at that time.

After conducting some research, Kay discovered a legend about the Night Marchers – ghosts of Hawaiian warriors said to roam the island. According to ancient beliefs, mortals who gaze upon or are viewed by these marchers will meet a gruesome fate. However, some claim that lying still on the ground, showing respect and fear, may spare them from harm.

Thankfully, Kay and Cassie did not encounter any Night Marchers during their run.

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