Amy Roloff of Little People has broken down in tears in a heartbreaking new video as the family remains divided over their $4 million farm.

After a quarrel with her husband, Chris Marek, 60, the TLC personality opened up about her past suffering.

During the most recent episode of Little People, Big World, Amy, 60, and Chris discussed how they would grow the reality star’s herb garden.

Amy chirped, “That’s why we’re talking about this and having a visual,” after her husband repeated the agreed-upon action plan.

A dissatisfied “I thought it was clear!” chuckled Chris. Amy hastily corrected herself, “No, don’t make that assumption. It didn’t make sense to me.”

“We’re looking at this differently, and our words [and] comprehension is different,” she continued, motioning toward the area where her garden will be planted.

In an attempt to defuse the situation, Chris stated, “I realize we’re simply apples and oranges sometimes.”

The reality star responded: “Just be patient. So what if I didn’t understand it?”

In a confessional, Chris said, “I feel like I’m explaining it pretty well, very logically, and it makes sense in my head. There’s no need for an argument, and I sometimes get angry because Amy isn’t getting it.”

Back in the yard, the two are shown sitting together and agreeing on a strategy.

“See, we can still work together, babe,” Amy said sweetly.

Chris got his foot in his mouth once more as he said, “I just have to pound it out.”

“You can’t think that way…hammering it out,” Amy points out.

“That’s a business word. It’s an expression,” Chris explained, adding, “Don’t be offended.”

Amy admitted, “I am sensitive to it; you are correct.” She then revealed: “I believe that has much to do with being conscious of my appearance and how people see me throughout my life.

“Because all it takes is one tiny thing, and you’re out.”

Amy said in her own confessional, “There are occasions when Chris may say something innocent on his part, but to me, it’s like, ‘What are you doing?’”

“I tend to be more sensitive because I still have that old cliché from growing up [and] trying to fit in and match other people’s expectations.

“Those elements, I know, had a role in my marriage with Matt. Sometimes I didn’t feel supported or encouraged, and when that happened sporadically… It has the potential to deflate you.”

Later, Amy and her husband discussed their disagreement, with Chris confessing, “I believe early on, I had to encourage Amy to talk about everything.”

Amy swiftly intervened, explaining: “I believe I suffered internally. I was also worried that if I said something wrong, he’d walk out the door.”

The LPBW star cries as she recalls her early hardships: “There are some memories from my youth. I’m just grateful that he believes I’m good enough.”

Chris then embraces his wife, whispering to her rather than the cameras, “More than good enough.”

Viewers believe Amy seems “happier” with her current spouse Chris Marek than she ever did with ex Matt, 61.

Amy captioned images from her and her husband’s date night on Instagram, “Date night with my charming spouse. Friday night nibbles in downtown Hillsboro while listening to CBD band.”

The first shows the TV personality enthusiastically smiling as she takes a photo outside with a sunglasses-wearing Chris.

The following post slide features a recording of the CBD above band singing a folksy, bluegrass country music song.

Amy smiles at the camera in the final shot as she plunges into a massive cup of ice cream.

Amy highlights the sweet treat in the photo’s caption: “Had to top the night off with ice cream.”

People flocked to the comments area to express their love for Amy and her second husband.

One supporter wrote: “Amy, I’ve never seen you so joyful. Chris was an obvious choice for you.”

“It’s really lovely to see you happy with Chris and enjoying life,” said another.

“You look joyful and great,” said another.

Several followers expressed similar sentiments, saying, “May I add, you look so happier these days” and “I just love you two together.”

Amy confronted Matt passionately in the season finale, accusing him of inciting a terrible feud over the sale of the family farm.

On May 12, Matt listed 16 acres of Roloff Farms for $4 million.

Her ex-husband was blamed for causing a “hornet’s nest” with his decision, according to the TV personality.

“There are 93 acres in this family—-,” Matt defended himself.

“No, there are 93 acres for Matt Roloff,” Amy hastily interjected.

The family matriarch confesses in a confessional that she “doesn’t perceive any form of ownership on Matt’s behalf.”

Matt revealed that he believes his sons, Zach and Jeremy, both 32, are entitled.

“You keep purchasing them ATV bikes every time they turn around, don’t blame it on me,” Amy said again.

Matt put his ex-wife on the spot, confessing that he’s talked much about his faults and then asking Amy, “Have you talked about your mistakes?”

According to the exclusive report in the US Sun, Amy formerly owned a share of Roloff Farms.

Amy paid $975,000 for 32.28 acres of land on August 13, 2020.