Divorce is a difficult journey for anyone, regardless of the circumstances. And when it comes to Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff, their divorce was no exception. However, after years of silence, Amy is finally opening up about their intense episode and how they have moved forward.

Amy Roloff is widely known for her role on the reality show “Little People, Big World,” which she starred in with her ex-husband Matt Roloff for many years. The couple got divorced in 2016, and now Amy is sharing insights into her relationship with Matt since their split.

In an exclusive interview, the 61-year-old reality star discusses the upcoming season of the show and her personal growth that will be evident on-screen. It has been seven years since viewers witnessed the tense divorce between Amy and 62-year-old Matt Roloff.

“For the upcoming season, you will see a change in me and my dynamic with Matt,” Amy reveals. She goes on to acknowledge the positive influence of Chris Malek, her husband, and Caryn Chandler, Matt’s fiancée, in their lives. Amy remarried Chris in 2021, and Matt got engaged to Caryn in 2023.

One significant storyline in the upcoming season revolves around a fundraising event that Amy, Matt, Caryn, and Chris get involved in together. Amy shares that this event marks a turning point in her relationship with her ex-husband. She admits she previously wanted nothing to do with Matt but now recognizes her own mistakes and the need to let go of the walls she built.

Amy reflects on her personal growth, saying, “I realized that by keeping a wall up, I was only keeping myself out. He’s still the father of my kids and the grandfather of my grandchildren. With Chris’s help, I’ve been able to bring down that wall and focus on a better relationship with Matt and Caryn.”

Despite being married for nearly 30 years, Amy acknowledges that they still have a long way to go to reach the level of friendship they once had. However, she emphasizes that they are committed to growing as a family.

“We may have our disagreements, tense moments, and say things we don’t mean. But at the end of the day, we are still family,” Amy affirms.

Chris Malek also shared his perspective on their evolving relationship, stating that it took time for everyone to reach where they are now. He expresses gratitude that their situation did not turn into a situation of animosity like he has seen in other divorces.

“It’s great to see that we’ve moved on to better relationships and that we can even get together as a group – Matt, Caryn, Amy, and myself. We truly enjoy each other’s company and have good laughs and conversations,” Chris adds.

In a time when bitter divorces are prevalent, it is heartwarming to see Amy and Matt Roloff maintain a level of understanding and friendship. Their story serves as a reminder that even after parting ways, it is possible to keep the bonds of family intact.