Celtic Thunder’s Mesmerizing Performance of ‘The Sound of Silence’

Are you a fan of Simon and Garfunkel? If you are, you’re in for a treat! During their tour, two incredibly talented members of the Irish group Celtic Thunder, Colm Keegan and Keith Harkin, delivered a captivating cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s iconic hit song, “The Sound of Silence.”

Simon and Garfunkel, the legendary American singer-songwriters, were hugely popular in the 1960s and 1970s, and their music continues to be celebrated by fans of all ages.

“The Sound of Silence” is a haunting song that resonates with its audience. As a commentary on society and its trajectory, it strikes a chord with listeners across generations. It possesses a timeless quality that still holds true today.

In this video, Keegan and Harkin showcase their immense talent by staying true to the essence and soul of the original song. Their rendition is so captivating that you might even mistake them for the original artists! Their voices blend harmoniously, reminiscent of the partnership between Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel.

But Celtic Thunder is more than just Keegan and Harkin. The group hails from Dublin, Ireland, and is composed of male singers from Scotland and Ireland. They were brought together to celebrate the Celtic origins and culture of these two countries. Their music reflects the rich traditions and vibrant spirit of their heritage.

If Keegan and Harkin’s cover of “The Sound of Silence” brings back fond memories, then you’ll be pleased to discover other amazing music by Celtic Thunder: