Choosing a home that satisfies your requirements cannot be easy. You may have to make some compromises to find a place to call home. But there are some issues on which nobody is prepared to make concessions.

This is the story of a house that appears to be fairly typical from the outside, but when peeking inside, it becomes clear why no one wants to purchase it.

It seems that a home listed in the UK was ideal. According to the listing, it was a house with four bedrooms, a master suite, a garage, and an immaculate lawn. The house was described as being maintained to a “high standard” in the listing, but nobody wanted to buy it. When images of the inside of the house surfaced, the reason was quickly made clear.

The color purple was used throughout the house’s interior. Of course, purple paint was on every wall, but it didn’t end there. Purple was present throughout the room, including the ceilings, draperies, and the floor.

Additionally, the master bedroom’s closet doors were a bright purple tint. While it may seem straightforward to repaint the walls, fixtures like closet doors might be difficult to alter.

White bathroom tiles with purple flower accents are featured there. Sadly, the bathroom floor and the sides of the bathtub are carpeted in shaggy purple, even though the bathtub itself is white.

The façade of the house hasn’t been affected by the purple, despite the house’s interior being a parade of color. The landscape is equally unremarkable and conceals the appearance of the home’s interior. The house is priced at £400,000.

Something has to change unless the property’s new owner also enjoys purple.

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