It’s never easy to lose someone we love, and grief is a journey that doesn’t have an expiration date. Allison Holker Boss, the wife of the late Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss, shares her experience and pays tribute to her husband on what would have been his 41st birthday.

Allison took to social media to honor her late husband, sharing a series of photos of herself and their three children. In a heartfelt Instagram post, she expresses her gratitude for the beautiful times they shared together and how she feels Stephen’s presence every day. She describes him as beautiful, sweet, kind, and loving.

The family visited Stephen’s gravesite at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, CA, and brought him some beautiful flowers. Allison describes feeling his arms wrapping around them and holding them up on this special day. She believes that Stephen is still a gift to this world, and they will always celebrate his life.

In another Instagram post, Allison talks about how she and her children have been adjusting to life without their father. She acknowledges that there are difficult moments and days but emphasizes the importance of leaning on each other and lifting each other up. They start every morning by reminding themselves that they can do the hard things. It is in their most vulnerable moments that they find strength together.

Despite the challenges, Allison has been finding joy in life. She recently attended concerts by Daniel Cesar and Ed Sheeran, sharing her excitement and happiness on social media. It’s heartwarming to see her living her best life and creating new memories.

Dancing has always been a significant part of Allison and Stephen’s life together. It’s how they met, fell in love, and made a living. After taking a break from sharing dancing videos following Stephen’s passing, Allison recently made a comeback. She posted a TikTok video of her dancing with her daughter, Weslie, to the remixed version of ‘My Heart Will Go On.’ Since then, she has shared many more dance videos with her family and friends, bringing back the joy that dance has always brought her.

Allison’s journey is an inspiration to many. She demonstrates the strength and resilience it takes to navigate through grief while finding moments of joy and remembrance. By sharing her experience, she creates a safe space for others to feel understood and empowered.

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