Wayne Martin made the decision to start a significant renovation that would raise his home to new heights even though he already had a gorgeous house and yard.

Ironically, he then began to dig a hole. His neighbors initially believed he had lost the plot, but they quickly learned he had a fantastic plan for the site. He created one of the most grandiose projects ever after digging a huge hole!

But this hole wasn’t going to fill with water. Wayne added something unusual to the pool construction after laying down some gravel. A massive 20-foot cargo container unexpectedly appeared on the site, drawing attention from the neighbors.

This is how the interior looked at the end!

Additionally, their bunker comes equipped with accessories that mimic the comforts of home. For individuals who don’t want to feel like they are camping in an unfinished basement, this is fantastic. These clients, many of whom are baby boomers, are familiar with the possibility of nuclear or missile attack. They experienced it once before, so they want to be ready if it happens again.