When you live in a hamlet or small town, life has a quaint, endearing quality.

I refer to the location where practically everyone is acquainted with one another. First-name greetings are accepted as the standard, there is a neighborhood bar where people congregate, and there are possibly a few more buildings, such as a post office, a funeral home, and some retail establishments.

My point is that, on occasion, it’s pleasant to impart the feeling of a close-knit group to others. It’s not for everyone, but quite a few of us prefer living in a flock to being isolated out in the wilderness.

I wonder how many individuals can claim they’d prefer to live in a community where everyone has a home on the same street.

That is certainly the case for the citizens of a European community that gained notoriety earlier this month on Twitter after an aerial shot was shared online.

Surprisingly, a single nine-kilometer street in the southern Polish town of Suoszowa is home to all 6,000 inhabitants.

According to CSO Poland, the community, dubbed “Little Tuscany” because of its design, had 5,819 residents as of 2017.

Each home on the street is believed to come with a lengthy strip of land, which residents use for various purposes, including farming and homes for animals.

Suoszowa locals replied to inquiries about the weird but undeniably stunning aerial photographs by describing life in their community.

“I would not exchange this location for anything. It has a unique charm and environment. There’s something to it, as they say,” one person said.

The photographs are beautiful since the entire area looks like a home followed by a short field section. Grain is in one, rapeseed in the other, and something else in the third. When viewed from above, the colors are lovely.

According to reports, a second photograph was shared on Reddit along with a query on whether each home on the street owns the strips of land extending from the village.

“I just showed this to my Polish friend, and he said yes!” came the reply.

“Each house has that strip of land to do whatever on, hence the different colors, and they are using the land for various purposes,” they added. Others keep animals there, while others leave it fallow.

What a remarkably odd setup. This village is unlike any I’ve ever seen, I believe.

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