Alex Jones, the star of “The One Show,” sent a moving statement on Instagram announcing that her three-year-old son Kit had surgery.

“Just waiting for little Kit to come back from surgery,” Alex captioned a photo of Kit recovering at the hospital. “It’s nothing to be concerned about because he’ll only receive grommets in his ears, but the experience will be unpleasant for him.”

Alex ensured her little boy was as comfortable as possible in the hospital by putting a Peter Rabbit plush toy and a Spiderman figurine on his bed. These items awaited him after he returned from surgery.

Grommets are little tubes put into the ear canal to keep infections at bay. They function by allowing air to enter the middle ear through the ear canal.

Because the procedure is often performed under general anesthesia during day surgery, Alex and Kit should be able to return home today; however, it is currently unknown whether Alex will appear on The One Show later this evening.

Alex shared her terrible day with her Instagram followers at the time, writing, “Waiting for my little Kit to come back from theater after a relatively typical op but feels like the longest morning of my life!”

Kit was born in May of 2019, following the arrival of his older brother Teddy in 2017. Alex and her partner Charlie Thomson welcomed their third child, a daughter named Annie, in 2021.

The host acknowledged the difficulty of being a mother to three children, adding, “Balancing the three of them with a full-time job, as any mother will tell you, is, on some days, overwhelming.”

“It’s colossal. That can be a rare occurrence, but when you think, They all make me laugh, and they all get along extremely well,’ it’s worth it, in my opinion, because you get something in return. They won’t be this young forever, I guarantee it.”

We are hopeful that Kit will recover well after his surgery.