Grandmother of Hailey Bieber and mother of actor Alec Baldwin, Carol Baldwin, died at the age of 92. See the touching tributes paid to her by the Baldwin family.

The passing of Carol M. Baldwin is being mourned by the Baldwin family. Alec Baldwin revealed the death of his mother, who is also the grandmother of Hailey Bieber and Ireland Baldwin, at the age of 92 in an Instagram post on May 26.

Alec said, “My family posts the following message with the sincerest regret. Carol M. Baldwin passed away in Syracuse, New York, today. She was the mother of actors Alec, Daniel, William, and Stephen Baldwin as well as Elizabeth Keuchler and Jane Sasso.”

Alec provided a lengthy description of his mother’s life, from her birth to the moment she met her spouse, in his heartfelt message. A few of his mother’s accomplishments and her efforts as a breast cancer survivor were also mentioned by the 30 Rock star. She collaborated with a number of Long Island-wide breast cancer support organizations to start a project with SUNY Stony Brook, according to his post.

The Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund was established on the Stony Brook campus with the help of the then-president of the institution, Shirley Strum Kenny.

“Another chapter was started a few years later in collaboration with SUNY Upstate University,” he stated. Millions of dollars have been raised for the cause through collective initiatives.

Alec recalled his mother, who is survived by six daughters, 25 grandchildren, and 14 great-grandchildren, teaching him about “second acts.”

He added, “And third ones, too.” “She fought and promoted the cause to which she committed her life for the final 25 years of her life. We are all really proud of what she has accomplished.

Hailey posted a re-post of Alec’s statement on her Instagram Story with the remark, “We love you grandma,” to pay tribute to her grandmother. Daniel shared a vintage photo of his mother with him and his siblings and captioned it, “Mom and her children,” as a homage to his late mother.