In a candid interview with “Today” show anchor Jenna Bush Hager in September 2021, country music icon Alan Jackson revealed that he had been diagnosed with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease more than ten years earlier.

“I have neurological disease and neuropathy. My father passed it down to me genetically. That has bothered me for years, and there is no remedy.”

“And it’s growing clearer by the day. And I’m conscious that I’m stumbling on stage. I’m having trouble balancing now, even in front of the microphone, and I’m simply feeling nervous,” he clarified.

According to Jackson, the illness has no cure, but it is not fatal. Yet, it makes things like getting up on stage and performing much more difficult. According to the Mayo Clinic, Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, or CMT for short, destroys nerves and is known to cause limb weakness.

He was supposed to perform at the 2022 CMA Fest in Nashville, Tennessee, but his appearance was canceled, causing many fans to worry about his health. Will those be Jackson’s final two performances on stage? Jackson was on tour in 2022 and completed his “Final Call: One More for the Road” tour, except for two postponed dates.

Alan Jackson, who made his breakthrough in the late 1980s with songs like “Little Bitty” and “Gone Country,” soon ascended to the top of the country music market. Yet, Jackson’s life has changed dramatically since then.

Alan Jackson spoke briefly on the February 21 episode of the “In Joy Life” podcast, presented by his daughter Mattie Jackson, about his plans despite his health concerns.

These could feature some brand-new tracks. “I feel like there’ll be some more music coming, absolutely,” he told his daughter. “I’m constantly jotting down ideas and composing music. I would have grown tired of singing long ago if I hadn’t started writing.”

As Alan posted a clip of the interview on his Instagram account, many fans expressed their appreciation and support for the singer in the comments. “Alan, you are a true country singer with a wonderful family,” one Instagram user commented.

“Thank you for all your love and music,” said another. Jackson’s health will deteriorate over time, but his fans will always be grateful for his enormous contribution to the country music world.