Al Roker has struggled over the past four months with one health condition after another. Now, it appears that the renowned Today Show meteorologist underwent more surgery.

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After being admitted to the hospital for blood clots in his lungs and legs, Al Roker took a vacation from his position as the Today Show’s much-loved meteorologist. He finally returned to television screens nationwide after receiving therapy for weeks, appearing to be in good health.

The media celebrity appears to be taking a hiatus once more for health-related reasons. The 68-year-old underwent a total knee replacement procedure and is healing.

Roker posted a video of himself moving extremely slowly along a hospital hallway to update his fans on his condition following surgery. Roker posted the image on Wednesday with the message, “Up and walking this morning on the new knee step by step.”

In the post, he expressed gratitude to his doctors. He mentioned he was “wearing a negative pressure pump to help facilitate wound healing.” In the background of the video, Dire Straits’ song “Walk of Life” may be heard.

He also shared a heartwarming slideshow of him and his wife, ABC News journalist Dorah Roberts, from when she had joined him on hospital visits in recent years, along with the statement, “I’m thinking [Roberts], and I have GOT to stop meeting like this.”

“Yes. And we shall,” his wife told him.

The ABC News reporter also posted images of her husband’s most recent hospital stay along with the caption, “Wednesday wonder. Part 2 of my sweet [Roker’s] health journey,” Roberts wrote. “Such gratitude for [the] gifted medical staff who, after such a significant challenge, got him back on his feet with a new knee and feeling of confidence. With grit, gratitude, and grace, moving forward. I am humbled by all the well wishes, prayers, and blessings of wonderful health care.”

Although the newsroom legend is doing well, his recent sickness proved difficult. At the time, his wife, Roberts, told the reporters that her husband was in a “very, very critical” condition.

One health problem followed another for her, and she described it as “one of the most exhausting and difficult things I have ever had to cope with.” Roberts and Roker have been wed since 1995. Roberts is 62 years old. Nicholas and Leila are the couple’s sons and daughters, respectively.

The ABC journalist expressed her desire for no family ever to experience such a thing, but she added that it had taught her something. The lesson she took away was that “you can step up and do whatever you need to do.”

“My whole family, after the crisis subsided, we almost collapsed,” she said. “We were unaware of the adrenaline rush from chasing after him daily. I realized how difficult it wasn’t until the fog started to lift and the dust began to settle. I then understood how challenging it was. I intended to complete the task, heal him, and take care of him.”

Roker claims he is “more passionate” than ever about his career and has no plans to quit.

Roker related how his father, who was 55 then, gave up driving buses because he no longer enjoyed it. But for Roker, working on the Today Show has been and remains a tremendous experience. He remarked, “I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to it. Every day is unique, and our viewers tune into the Today Show, our staff, and our producers…” How can something like this be abandoned?

We are so happy to see Roker standing up again. We wish him a quick recovery and anticipate seeing him back on our televisions very soon! Inform your friends and relatives about this improvement in Al Roker’s health.