The much-loved weatherman was absent from the show for two months due to a severe health situation.

Al Roker and his family have had to deal with his present illness, which has been a challenging experience.

Because of blood clots in his lungs, the Today presenter was obliged to step down from his hosting duties and take a leave of absence from the show.

Al and his family, which includes his wife, Deborah Roberts, and their children Nick, Leila, and Courtney, had hoped for his health to improve, and while it has, Al is preparing for a challenging departure.

As life in the family returns to normal, the youngest son, Nick, is preparing to return to college.

Deborah posted on Instagram that it would be difficult to see him leave because he had been at home for the holidays and supported all of them from their New York abode.

The college student could be seen in the photograph provided by the ABC journalist doing what he enjoys most – cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

“Well done, Wednesday,” she complimented herself. “Excellent culinary effort, @nickroker155. We will miss your talents now that you will be concentrating on your education. #proudmom #bestson #gratitude.”

Many viewers have expressed a desire to see Al and Nick reunited in the kitchen because the two previously hosted many food segments.

Al and Deborah now have an empty nest due to Nick’s departure from home and enrollment in college during the summer.

Al acknowledged his recent health scare and expressed gratitude to his children for being there for him during it once he had fully recovered.

Deborah described the ordeal as “the worst thing we’ve ever gone through as a family and wife.” She called the scenario “the most difficult thing we’ve ever faced.”

She successfully conceals the reality of the situation from Al, who continued: “If I had known how horrible it was, I’m not sure if I would have been able to keep up the cheery attitude that I had. I had no idea they were sobbing in the corridor when I passed them.”

During the Today show interview, he revealed the following details: “Nick would pass by every 15 or 20 minutes and lean down, kiss me on the head, and say, ‘I love you, Dad.’”

After a rough patch, Al is now back at work and feeling as wonderful as ever, both physically and psychologically.