Linda Evangelista agreed to return to the limelight after a disastrous cosmetic procedure ended her career as a top model.

Five years have passed since he underwent cryolipolysis to remove a layer of fat that disfigured him, and now he has revealed the consequences to the magazine “People.”

What does Linda Evangelista look like now, after a cosmetic treatment left her disfigured?

For many years, Linda Evangelista has had a unique reputation in the fashion industry.

She was a top model for some of the world’s most well-known brands, and her beauty enchanted millions of people.

He became unrecognizable as a result of his desire to remedy specific flaws, and his career was doomed.

No one knew why Linda declined to go in front of the cameras at the time, but she eventually revealed the entire story.

This is a cryolipolysis therapy called CoolSculpting, which was developed by Zeltiq to shrink the fat layer.

However, in the case of the model, the process had the opposite effect, and the technique enlarged fat cells and left it permanently disfigured, even after two painful and fruitless repair operations.

“Today, I took a giant stride forward in correcting a mistake I made five years ago and kept to myself.

To those who question why I didn’t stay in the profession like my colleagues, I respond it’s because I was horrifically scarred by a surgery that delivered exactly what it promised.

Even after two failed painful corrective procedures, it left me permanently disfigured. I stayed unrecognizable, as the press defines me “, wrote the former model at the time.

Linda Evanghelista consented to shoot a photo essay for the magazine “People” after telling her experience.

She wore a t-shirt with straps and revealed both her face and the side of her bust to demonstrate the effect of paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH), which was caused by the cosmetic therapy she underwent.

Linda sued Zeltiq last year, accusing the company of failing to give information regarding a side effect she had and then destroying it.

He claimed $ 50 million in damages, both for the end of his career and for the pain he endures on a daily basis.

“I enjoyed walking around the podium. I’m suddenly frightened of running into someone I know. I can’t continue to hide and be ashamed like way. This anguish is too much for me to bear. I’m finally ready to speak now, “she stated.