After she became crippled, a woman’s 14-year husband left her

After becoming paralyzed, a woman’s 14-year husband left her, but happily, she has recovered and found new love.

After having a stroke, doctors told Riona Kelly that she might never walk again, but with the help of her hot personal trainer boyfriend, she has made an amazing recovery.

She was brought to the hospital in March 2015 after suffering a spinal stroke that left her paralyzed from the waist down. The 37-year-old hails from Halifax, Yorkshire, which is 200 miles north of London.

Kelly reports that her spouse ended their marriage just five days into her hospital stay.

Additionally, the couple was providing for their four kids: Leighanra, 16, Caleb, 11, Izabela, 9, and Logan, 5.

After my husband left me in the hospital, my friend Sarah took over as my next of kin, and she and the kids helped me through my rehabilitation, Kelly recalled.

Although we had established a life together and were responsible for something, looking back, I was miserable in my marriage.

It was a time when I most needed my husband.

Kelly was told by doctors that she might never recover after six weeks since she was still unable to move her legs.

Doctors informed Kelly that she would never be able to walk again at this point, Kelly recalled.

“They indicated my recent vehicle accident, which occurred 18 months ago, may have contributed to my spine’s issues.”

The mother found it challenging to adapt to life in a wheelchair, particularly since her spouse was not at her side.

The first time she used a wheelchair, she claimed, she felt as though everyone was staring at her.

I didn’t want to live any longer, therefore if someone had given me the option, I would have taken my own life.

Kelly miraculously managed to take her first steps on the parallel bar after hours of physical treatment.

I was dragging my body and had no feeling in my legs, but I didn’t care since I was still moving forward and that was all that mattered, she said.

My consultant was overcome with emotion; he found it hard to comprehend that I had accomplished it with the aid of a standing frame.

I gradually increased my strength each day, and after spending four months in the hospital, I was finally permitted to return home.

I spent 25 minutes climbing 16 steps and another 25 minutes down them, but I was determined to complete it for my kids.

Kelly met 35-year-old personal trainer Keith Mason while she was recovering.

The two quickly became infatuated with one another after enduring their physiotherapy sessions together.

After having a stroke, Kelly recalled, “I had to deal with paralysis in addition to losing my companion of 14 years.”

Following our session, Keith and I continued in touch. He would inquire about my well-being, and our friendship grew from there.

11 months into our relationship, the kids adore him, and I finally feel like I’m living the life I deserve.

Since then, Kelly has run two marathons with the use of a wheelchair and is now able to walk independently.

I only use my wheelchair for long trips now, but since my home hasn’t been modified, I try not to use it.

Going through what I did, in retrospect, was the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I’ve started working out again, and with Keith’s assistance, I’m getting stronger and better than before.

Richard, Riona’s former husband, replied, “I told Riona I wanted a divorce the morning before her stroke, not while she was in the hospital.

Since I had to take care of the kids, maintain the house, and operate a business, I visited her in the hospital as often as I could during the evenings.

I stayed in the home until last June before deciding to leave, and Riona and I have since separated.