While calling his father to say, “I made it,” “Big Mike” has tears in his eyes. He recently earned PGA eligibility.

Most of the time, parents give everything up for their kids. They risk their own ambitions and dreams in order for their kids to achieve theirs.

This also applies to the Vasicki family. Michael Vasicki has spent his entire life aspiring to play golf professionally and on the PGA Tour.

His family has gone above and beyond to support him in his aspirations. Therefore, when he eventually succeeded, it was a sight to behold.

‘Big Mike’ Michael Visacki, who goes by the moniker Michael, towers over the ball. He sinks a 20-foot putt while remaining composed and breathing slowly.

As people gather around him to applaud him, he begins to cry as soon as he is through.

He tells his father about his success right away over the phone, but he has trouble speaking because of his emotions.

He announces, overcome with emotion and with tears rolling down his cheeks, “I made it.” As he struggles to find the right words, his father repeatedly exclaims, “Oh my God.” A dedicated son and his extremely pleased father are sharing such an emotional occasion.