After noticing something exceedingly weird at the residence of nearby neighbors, several residents in a small town in the Netherlands called the police.

More specifically, despite the fact that it snowed heavily and the layer of snow deposited and increased, not a single flake “stuck” on the entire roof of the home, leading people to wonder.

Their assumption was correct, for the police officers that came on the scene discovered a thriving company within a cannabis society. The heat utilized to cultivate the plants prevented the snow cover from settling.

Cannabis farmers are being detained in massive numbers by Dutch police after being caught by melting snow.

The cold weather is proving to be an unexpected stumbling block for drug lords in the Netherlands, as the lack of snow on roofs can reveal their location.

The owner of the facility that housed the cannabis cultivation now faces years in prison. Although the Netherlands is tolerant of personal marijuana usage, authorities only permit the cultivation of up to five cannabis plants.