A woman browsing the clothing rack at a store discovered that if people washed their clothes after purchasing them from a store, it would be safer for everyone.

The first reason is quite common—too many people have touched the garments before they reach us, making it impossible to know how many germs are present.

Furthermore, most of them must have tried it as well, which multiplies the germs exponentially. Nevertheless, this woman discovered something quite unsettling while casually browsing the clothing racks, which may not be suitable for the faint of heart.

Ellen Danz, the TikToker, screamed understandably when she discovered the garments covered in cobwebs. As she couldn’t comprehend why stores would let cobwebs develop in their clothes.

Yet it quickly evolved into one of fear. Not only were their cobwebs all over the garments, but they were also riddled with spider eggs—and when she got to the end of the line, she saw a gigantic spider simply biding its time.

Nobody can blame her for screaming because most of us don’t expect to find a spider when looking through our underwear.

The video upset everyone, as Ellen Danz emphasized the importance of washing new garments. One TikTok user said, “My heart stopped,” while another quipped, “I’d sue for mental anguish.” “This is why you should clean your garments after buying,” said a third user.

Several were also shocked to see Ellen stroking the clothing with her bare hands. “Why are you touching the spiderwebs?” screamed one user. “I’m shouting THE EGGS,” another person said. Another person commented, “You’re courageous for touching it.”

In another video, the TikToker who talked about washing new clothes promised her followers that no one else would come across it because the branch had been closed after Ellen made the find.

“Don’t bother shopping at this location; it closed down a week later,” she added. This prompted viewers to consider what they would have done if they had discovered this creepy crawly find. Some took it very seriously and wondered why no one had called pest control because an infestation of spiders among clothes was never a good thing.


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One TikTok user was perplexed why no one had done anything about it, while another wondered, “WHY DID YOU NOT KILL IT?” As a result, Ellen Danz’s experience should educate you to wash new garments before wearing them.