Children are such a blessing. Parents face a wide range of emotions leading up to the big day, and if you’ve ever been there, you understand the feeling of impatience as you simply count down the days until the baby is born while making sure that everything is just right, having to consider names, room decor, and how you’ll hold the tiny baby in your arms.

All people enjoy miracles. If you haven’t yet come to believe in miracles, we advise you to read the following story all the way through.

29-year-old expectant mother When Charlene Pope learned that her loving boyfriend had been in a terrible motorbike accident, she couldn’t believe her ears. She was 38 weeks pregnant when he fell into a coma.

She didn’t get all the information regarding her boyfriend’s condition since the doctors didn’t want her to worry and stress out because that may cause difficulties with the pregnancy. James Spence had brain injury, and the doctors didn’t think he had a good chance of recovery.

Charlene believed it would be a good idea to take Carter to his father after giving birth to a healthy and lovely baby boy since you never know what can happen the next day. She took her newborn son to meet his father around 3 PM on the same day that she gave birth at 2 AM.

The most intriguing element is that James began to recuperate from that awful injury and came out of his coma after just two days. Now because they believe in miracles, the doctors and family feel that Carter was the reason he woke up. Although it may not seem rational at all, we are all aware of the healing and restoring power of love.

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