It must be wonderful to live a long life and watch your family prosper while sipping a soft drink in a cozy recliner and watching your grandkids play with the dogs in the backyard. That situation seems extremely wonderful, doesn’t it?

Well, elders aren’t always valued for what they truly are, despite how much they’ve done over the years to build families and contribute to society through their labor. For instance, this man was turned down when he went to the bank to make a straightforward request.

The bank personnel simply and unhesitatingly turned their backs on him. He was unable to control his displeasure and expressed it to the uneducated individuals.

According to the individual who called in that day, the LAPD in Montebello recently received a few complaints about an elderly guy who was a little upset and caused some problems. When the police arrived to look into the matter, they discovered a 92-year-old man who had a straightforward request.

The elderly man only wanted to withdraw some cash, but because his ID had expired, the bank was unable to comply with his request because of its restrictions. The policeman who arrived at the bank to deal with “the matter” that day, Robert Josett, understood that the elderly guy wasn’t causing any trouble, simply someone who needed help. He then jumped into action.

Robert told the old gentleman that they could have a backup strategy. They promptly renewed their identity card at the DMV that day, and after signing a few paperwork, they headed back to the bank with it. Officer Josett waited for the man to withdraw the required amount in order to ensure that the man arrived at the bank and that his request was honored.

As they entered the bank together, with the elderly guy holding Robert’s hand, Officer Josett’s colleague snapped a photo of them.

The photo of the two was released online, and it drew hundreds of replies and positive responses. The world needs more individuals like them, and it makes me happy to see compassion prevail. At some time, we can all help someone. Don’t hesitate; simply act. Share this heartwarming story to encourage others to carry out deeds of kindness and improve the world. Make a difference.