We love witnessing human kindness toward animals. Animals rarely express gratitude for a kind act. Therefore, it’s a genuinely thankless profession.

However, there are certain situations when animals have a cute way of thanking their rescuers, like when a kangaroo gave the guys who saved him a handshake.

David Boyd, a Canberra resident, reportedly witnessed a kangaroo in Lake Burley Griffin. According to reports, the water was frigid, and the animal could not escape.

The animal was eventually helped to safety by two courageous bystanders who braved the chilly waters.

To avoid frightening the kangaroo, the men approach slowly. The kangaroo starts to flail its arms when they go close and attempt to grab its arms to take it to safety.

Unfazed, the men seize the animal and pull it from the water.

A third man lifts the kangaroo onto dry land and maintains the animal’s composure.

Even though they appear to be friendly, kangaroos can be aggressive if they feel threatened. Their defenses include a powerful punch like a boxer’s, pointed claws, and a kick that may, according to experts, dismember a man.

Fortunately, the kangaroo appeared to recognize that these men were there to assist, and in a touching gesture, he even extended his paw as if to shake hands.

He can be heard saying, “Aw, he’s thanking you,” as the rescue is being recorded.

The kangaroo was in “shock” and required a half-hour to settle down.

Witnesses reportedly claimed that the kangaroo ultimately hopped along on its own, appearing uninjured by the experience.

Check out the touching video below:

These men deserve praise for saving this kangaroo! That “handshake” was clearly due to you for rescuing the day.

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