Lorna-May Anslow, a native of Portsmouth, initially made contact with Joseph Johnson, who was 21 years old at the time, in May 2014 when she was just 16 years old.

Four months later, Lorna-May, now 19 years old, moved in with Johnson’s mother after learning she was pregnant. Her life, however, rapidly came crashing down when she found out that her partner had been charged with having sex with a juvenile.

She first supported him, but once Johnson, now 24 and from Feltham, was found guilty and added to the list of sex offenders, she stopped relationship.

She said, “I told Joseph there was no pressure and he could be as involved as he wanted to be.”

“I was expecting a different answer from him, but to my surprise, he was overjoyed to become a father.”

“I was thrilled because, although I would never have let Joseph stay with me, I didn’t want to have this child by myself.”

Many months later, when he began DMing teenage girls on Instagram, she learned that her ex was up to his old tricks.

Johnson was given a two-year sentence with a 12-month suspension after the police got a report from Lorna-May.

The single mother recalled how she and Johnson immediately connected after exchanging messages on social media.

She recalled, “For me, it was love at first sight.” In addition to being gorgeous, Joseph was also amiable, charming, and engaging.

“He was a true gentleman and treated me like a queen. I believed myself to be the luckiest girl alive.”

Only four months after they had begun dating seriously, in September 2014, Lorna-May learned she was pregnant.

“It was a huge shock even though I knew I liked Joseph,” she said. “The idea of being pregnant never even crossed my mind, despite the fact that I had been feeling ill for a few weeks.”

“I didn’t know if I was ready to have a child. Joseph had the same shock.”

Lorna-May had an unwanted pregnancy scare a few weeks after making the decision to avoid rushing, necessitating an early examination to determine whether the baby was developing in her fallopian tube.

Lorna-May realized she wanted to keep the child because she was frightened of losing it, despite the fact that the baby was healthy and developing normally.

She said, “I told Joseph there was no pressure and he could be as involved as he wanted to be.”

“I was expecting a different answer from him, but to my surprise, he was overjoyed to become a father.”

“I was thrilled because, although I would never have let Joseph stay with me, I didn’t want to have this child by myself.”

Then, so that they could spend time together while getting ready for the baby’s arrival, Lorna-May moved to Johnson’s mother’s house.

She said, “We spoke for hours about what life would be like after we had kids.”

Lorna-May made the choice to clean Johnson’s room while he was at football practice even though she was 16 weeks pregnant.

She was sorting the clothes in his closet when she noticed something.

She stated that a large number of paperwork was jammed into a carrier bag. “I pulled out the papers and started reading through them. At what I witnessed, I actually felt ill to my stomach.”

Johnson was charged with having sex with an underage person.

The records revealed text messages exchanged between him and a 14-year-old from just before Lorna met him.

She admitted, “My gut tightened tight as I thought about what this meant for us—for the baby.”

“Did I even know Joseph—he had gone through so much so quickly?”

Indignant and dissatisfied, Lorna waited for him to return from football before confronting him.

She talked about how he comforted her by saying it was a woman he had been seeing before they met and that he “didn’t anticipate to get fined for it” because it was an error.

According to Lorna, he acknowledged his excessive immaturity at the time but claimed to have grown up for her and the kid.

“I really wanted to believe that he was being honest. I was unable to confirm, though. I took the decision to do it and tried to put the baby’s needs ahead of the issue.”

At the 20-week scan, the couple learned with joy that they were having a girl.

Everything appeared perfect for a few weeks, Lorna-May recalled. We came up with a list of names for girls that we adored, and as my belly grew, my anticipation for meeting our baby also increased.

However, Joseph had to show up in court in February 2015.

“I promised to support him, but I couldn’t help but feel apprehensive as we approached the court steps.”

“Since I didn’t want to go into the courthouse, I waited outside of it. After what seemed like a lifetime, he eventually emerged with a pale face and I could see he had been crying.”

Johnson was sentenced to a three-year community order and a five-year order to prevent future sexual offenses after being found guilty. He was on the sex offenders list for five years.

“I was sick,” said Lorna-May. The idea that Joseph was considered a pedophile by the law kept coming back to me throughout the following few weeks.

Lorna-May finally decided that she could no longer be with him in March 2015.

She said, “I had to think about the safety of my unborn child.  I didn’t want to raise a child with a sex offender. The idea of him touching me was also too much for me to handle.”

After a four-day labor, Lorna-May gave birth to a girl named Grace in May 2015.

“She was the most incredible thing I had ever seen,” she exclaimed.

“I promised to protect her from everything, even though I let Joseph meet her in the hospital despite being clear that I didn’t want him in our lives.”

“He begged for a second chance and was furious, but I refused.”

“I knew that was the right course of action, but it was difficult.”

Less than a month later, in June, Lorna-worst May’s concerns were confirmed.

“I was idly perusing Instagram when I came across a comment Joseph had left on a picture of a teenage girl,” she claimed.

She wasn’t quite sixteen, I could tell. Despite being prohibited from contacting girls online, it was clear he was back to his old tricks.

I immediately reported him to the police. When they approached the young woman, she agreed to report the incident.

Johnson was found guilty of breaking his prohibition in October 2015 thanks to a tip from Lorna, and he was sentenced to a 12-month term with a suspension.

He allegedly emailed a 15-year-old girl asking her to strip for him and calling her “sexy.” This was presented in court in Portsmouth.

Since he was “a risk to adolescent females,” Judge Ian Pearson granted him a sexual harm prevention order forbidding him from communicating with young girls online for ten years.

Johnson additionally had to sign the sex offenders register for five years.

Grace and Lorna-May are moving on with their lives after meeting Connor, a brand-new 20-year-old man, in the meantime.

She pretended regret, saying, “I’ll never forget the day I was cleaning out the closet and discovered the father of my baby is a pedophile.”