After a bad day at work, a father decided to unwind by not caring about the screaming children who needed him.

His wife, however, became tired of his antics and left him. He stated that it was now his responsibility to care for the children.

“My darling,

We had a horrible quarrel a few days ago. I was exhausted when I got home. It was 20:00. All I wanted to do was curl up on the couch and watch the game.

You were also tired and irritable. The children grumbled and screamed as you readied the tiny one for the bed.

I turned up the volume to drown out everything.

You could assist me out a little and contribute to our children’s education!

You told me angrily as you turned off the television.

I responded angrily: I worked all day so you could stay home and play with the kids.

The dispute began, and one after the other, the arguments erupted. You were crying because you were exhausted and upset.

I told you a lot of horrible stuff. You were yelling that you couldn’t go on living like this. You then went, leaving me alone with the kids.

I had to feed and put the kids to bed by myself. You did not return the following day. I took time off from work to be with them.

I went through all of the ups and downs.

I rushed around the home all day, not stopping to take a bath.

I warmed the milk, dressed the kids, and cleaned the kitchen all at the same time. Simultaneous.

I was imprisoned in the house all day, unable to speak to anyone.

I never got to sit at the table and enjoy the food since I always watched the kids.

I was so exhausted that I could have slept for 20 hours. But this was impossible because the baby yelled and woke up every three hours.

I went two days and one night without seeing you. Everything was clear to me.”

“I know how tired you are.

I recognize that motherhood entails constant sacrifice.

I recognize that this is a more challenging assignment than sitting in the office for ten hours and making critical business decisions.

I understand that you have sacrificed your profession and financial independence for the sake of your children.

I realize how difficult it is to be financially dependent solely on your partner.

I realize what you forego by refusing to attend a party or go to the gym with your buddies. You are practically incapable of dealing with what you enjoy and do not get enough sleep.

I know how it feels to be imprisoned in a house with children and unable to communicate with anyone over ten.

I understand why you are unhappy when my mother criticizes your teaching techniques. Nobody understands children like their mothers.

I recognize that mothers bear the most duty in the community. A responsibility that, sadly, hardly one understands or values.

I’m writing you this letter to express how much I miss you. I don’t want you to go another day without hearing these words:

You are bold, you do fantastic work, and I appreciate you!”