Actor Treat Williams, who became well-known for his work in “Everwood,” “Prince of the City,” and “Hair,” has passed away. He was 71.

Williams passed away due to a motorbike accident, according to a statement provided to People by his agent, Barry McPherson, who also confirmed the devastating news.

“His death occurred this afternoon. He was turning left or right when a motorist suddenly cut him off,” according to McPherson.

“I’m destroyed. He was a very kind person. He had such skill.”

“Williams has had a distinguished career,” saying that he has been a mainstay of the entertainment industry for more than 40 years. “Filmmakers loved him. Since the late 1970s, he has been the center of the Hollywood scene,” McPherson continued. “He had a great deal of pride in his work this year.”

Apparently thanks to his role in the 1975 movie “Deadly Hero,” Williams first rose to fame. He appeared in numerous TV and movie productions before to his passing, including “The Late Shift,” for which he received an Emmy nomination, and “A Streetcar Named Desire,” for which he received a Golden Globe nomination.

Just a few hours before his death was reported, Treat Williams posted on Twitter about how he planned to mow his farm and a video of someone using a tractor.

Fans were shocked to learn of his passing and voiced their disbelief at how quickly he seemed to be gone. “2 hours later, everything has changed. You are never certain of the day’s date. RIP,” one fan wrote. “Today’s tweet mentioned bottling the scent of freshly cut grass…A life well lived, indeed,” said another.

Williams has frequently mentioned his appreciation of the Vermont countryside outside of the performing world. The late actor said to Southern Living in 2020 that he spent his days joyfully tending to his 200-year-old home with his family. “I wish I could thank somebody for this because this is a great life,” he said as he sat on the tractor.

Gill and Elinor Williams, the couple’s two children, and Pam Van Sant, his wife, survive Williams. “Treat was full of love for his family, for his life, and for his craft, and was truly at the top of his game in all of it,” the family said in a statement shared with Deadline. “Although everything is very upsetting, please know that Treat was incredibly loved and respected by his family and everyone he knew.”