While the majority of people would be happy to jump start their neighbor’s car or offer their neighbor a cup of sugar, this kind man went above and above for his elderly friend.

Norma was living across the hall with Chris Salvatore, a singer-songwriter, actor, model, and advocate for LGBT rights. She would wave to him whenever he passed by.

Chris made the decision to keep Norma company after learning that she lived alone with her cat. Chris Salvatore got to know his 89-year-old neighbor well over time. They engaged in lengthy discussions and even shared birthday celebrations.

Norma had no relatives to turn to when she learned she had leukemia, according to the physicians. Chris then made the decision to intervene and assist her in any way he could.

Norma required all the assistance she could receive due to her condition, but consulting a professional to provide such care would cost money that neither Norma nor Chris possessed. In order to raise the money required for Norma’s care, the two of them turned to social media.

Chris and Norma were able to raise tens of thousands of dollars with the aid of donors from throughout the country. But neither of them ever let money be an issue. “She’s my family,” Chris declared. She’s my grandmother, like I mentioned.

Chris and Norma made the decision to share a room after the contribution funds were depleted. Norma would never be alone again because of Chris’s kind heart, but this connection benefited everyone involved. Chris remarked, “She’s helped me tremendously as much as I’m here helping her.”