The little girl was considered ugly as a child and was constantly reminded that she was ugly, but as she grew older, her appearance surprised everyone.

The young woman in question, who is now 24 years old, was born in Brazil. She was born with a stain that covered a sizable portion of her skin, which is an aesthetic concern.

She experienced a lot of unpleasant situations, but it didn’t stop her from fulfilling her dream of working as a model for well-known magazines.

The young lady is called Mariana Mendes. She claims it’s difficult for her to adjust to how different she looks from other people and rarely talks about her upbringing when friends and colleagues teased her about the look on her face.

Mariana has discovered over time, though, that her uniqueness and ability to stand out from the crowd can also be her greatest strength.

When Mariana created an incredible photo pictorial at the age of 20, her dream came true.

The images in the pictorial were meant to serve as a warning to viewers that what they may perceive differences in a negative way may actually make them stand out and be special.

A sizable portion of Mariana’s right side of her face is covered by the black mark she has had from birth. According to medical professionals, this stain is actually a melanocytic nevus, which has a congenital origin and is only found in one in 20,000 babies.

At the age of 5, Mariana underwent laser surgery because the girl’s mother wanted to lessen the impact of her birthmark so that her child wouldn’t be teased by other kids and suffer as a result as she grew older.

Mariana is proud of who she is today and is thankful for the support of her parents.

She claims that many people are staring at her, but she is not bothered by this. There were also many who thought it was weird or unattractive. Many people also ask her if the stain is a tattoo or makeup at the same time.