Following the death of Stephen “tWitch” Boss, a bizarre and ludicrous theory has gained traction on social media.

The cast and audience of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” appreciated the DJ-choreographer, who was a regular on the show.

On Tuesday, December 13, it was revealed that the talk show DJ had committed suicide.

tWitch is said to have shot himself in the head in a Los Angeles hotel. Despite the fact that a suicide note was discovered near his body, authorities maintained there was no evidence of wrongdoing.

TMZ received a copy of the note, and it appears that it made mention to his prior troubles. The letter contained confusing references to troubles he had been facing.

It is uncertain exactly what his troubles were, despite sources informing The New York Post that there is no truth to any accusations that he lost his life savings.

Several social media users thought it unusual that two of Ellen DeGeneres’ friends died in the same year.

You may be aware that Ellen’s ex-girlfriend, Anne Heche, was involved in a car accident in early August that left her with burns and an inhalation injury. The Los Angeles County coroner found that her death was unintentional.

Several people blamed the disputed host for their deaths despite an examination revealing otherwise.

Some believed Ellen and the Illuminati were responsible for Stephen Boss’s death.

Another person expressed their displeasure with the suicide of tWitch

“Perhaps the Illuminati?”

“Twitches’ death did not appear to be a suicide to me, though I promise you that I have no intention of believing in conspiracies. Ellen is a clever being, ” Another person tweeted.

According to a fourth commenter, “the deaths of Ellen DeGeneres’ ex Anne Heche and her sidekick DJ and executive producer (Twitch) were barely months apart.”

Some people criticised the conspiracies, claiming that they were disrespectful because they were advanced in the aftermath of tWitch’s untimely death.

The others, on the other side, promoted mental health awareness rather than making wild assumptions about whether Stephen Boss and Anne Heche were killed or sacrificed.