A son brought his elderly father out to eat at a restaurant.

Due to his extreme age and weakness, his father spilled food on his shirt and pants when he was eating.

While his son was quiet, the other guests looked on with disdain.

After he finished eating, his son, who was in no way embarrassed, led him quietly to the bathroom where he brushed his hair, removed any remaining food, and fitted his glasses securely.

The entire restaurant was silently watching them as they left, unable to fathom how someone could humiliate themselves in public like that.
After paying the bill, the son joined his father in leaving.

At that moment, a restaurant yelled out to the son, “Don’t you think you have left something behind?” an elderly man.

The son answered. “No, sir, I haven’t”

Yes, you have! the elderly guy shot back. For every son you left a lesson, and for every father you left hope.

The restaurant fell silent.