A picture of a homeless dad who was carrying his daughter while he sold pens on the street was the moment that everything changed

Since the beginning of the civil war in Syria in 2011, Lebanon has taken in the most number of Syrian refugees of any country in the world.

Imagine how difficult it must be for those folks to adjust to their new environment and start a new life after being expelled from their home nation against their will.

The vast majority of them encountered problems with the documentation, which rendered them unable to secure employment, rent a home, or have access to medical treatments.

The man described in this essay was in this predicament prior to the time when he became acquainted with someone. After that, everything in his life turned completely around.

Abdul, a Syrian refugee, was attempting to make a living in Beirut, Lebanon.

He was doing his best to provide food for his daughter, whom he carried with him every day while he sold pens beneath the harsh rays of the sun.

Abdul was a victim of the Syrian civil war. Even when he was ill, exhausted, thirsty, or starving, he never gave up and continued to walk and sell as many pens as he could so that he would have enough money to buy something and something to eat at the end of the day.

If you want to see the sadness on Abdul’s face, the proof is in the images that are attached to this message.

The trajectory of his life was about to take a dramatic turn, and it was all going to happen because of a kind guy who just couldn’t let things go without lending a help.

Someone stopped them while they were going about their normal business on the streets and took a picture of the three of them together.

The image caused an immediate emotional response in a great number of individuals, and assistance was on its way.

One of the pictures was seen by a web developer in Norway, and as a result, he established a fundraising campaign in Abdul’s name.

The images and the fundraising effort were successful in reaching their goal: around $200,000 was raised, and Abdul was ready to start a new life.

Because so many people heard about Abdul’s story and wanted to support the family, the pictures and the fundraising effort were successful.

Abdul demonstrated a high level of thoughtfulness by not rushing to spend the money right away. Instead, he started three different companies.

After going through what he did, he couldn’t help but reflect on the plight of his fellow Syrians.

As a result, he decided to incorporate sixteen Syrians into his businesses.

It is clear that he is a very decent and loving man because he was able to assist not only his own family but also other families.

What an interesting turn of events, going from being a wandering pen vendor to becoming a businessman who is able to contribute for society.

There is always hope for those who are good, and at some time, they begin to thrive in spite of difficult circumstances.