Clare Mauremootoo: A Woman’s Brave Battle

At the age of 39, Clare Mauremootoo found herself facing an unimaginable challenge – motor neuronopathy, a debilitating disease that gradually weakens the muscles. This cruel illness slowly robbed her of her ability to walk, speak, swallow, and even breathe.

Clare’s primary concern was for her husband John and their two sons, Ben and Jack, who depended on her. In her last months, she devoted herself to ensuring that her family would be taken care of long after she was gone.

The Quest for Love

A Loving Family

Clare knew that her time was limited, but her love for her husband lingered in her heart. Determined to find him the happiness he deserved, she set out to find him a new partner who would appreciate him and love their children.

She went above and beyond, arranging dates between John and the compassionate nurses at Somerset’s Weston Hospice where she spent her final months. Clare reached out to hospice representatives, determined to ensure that John had the opportunity for love even after her passing.

A Reluctant Journey

John, devastated by Clare’s illness, was not prepared for the idea of finding love again. But Clare was there, guiding him forward with her unwavering love. “I don’t care how you meet someone,” she often said, even suggesting some of their friends as potential matches.

As Clare’s health deteriorated, she and John made the difficult decision that their sons’ last meeting with their mother would be on February 11th. On February 19th, 2007, Clare celebrated her final Valentine’s Day with John, passing away just four days later.

Embracing Love Once More

In the wake of Clare’s passing, John found himself alone, longing for her presence. Remembering her wish for him to find happiness again, he bravely joined a dating website in May.

It was through this step that John connected with Julie Macfarlane, a nurse who had recently gone through a divorce and had two children of her own. John shared the news with his sons, who were hesitant at first but gradually warmed up to Julie and her children over time.

In March 2008, the two families took a significant step forward and moved in together. Then, in April 2012, John and Julie were married, with Clare’s spirit guiding them all. Their children played important roles in the wedding, embracing the new chapter of their lives.

A Mother’s Blessing

Reflecting on their journey, John speaks of Clare’s unwavering love and her wish for their happiness. “Clare wanted us to be happy, and I believe she is looking down on us, smiling,” he says.

Clare’s incredible act of love lives on as her family continues to thrive, finding joy and support in one another. Through her bravery and selflessness, Clare taught us the true meaning of love – the extraordinary lengths we go to ensure the happiness of those we hold dear.