A woman in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, who suffers from morbid obesity and is trying to shed more than 200 pounds as quickly as possible is currently engaged in the most difficult struggle of her life.

Charity Pierce, who is 38 years old, is working hard to reach her weight loss goal so that she can undergo gastric bypass surgery. She is under the impression that the only way she will be in good enough health to marry her fiancé, Tony Sauer, who is 21, is to have surgery.

She shared her sentiments with Barcroft TV, stating, “I’m determined not to have to get married at home – I want to be able to go up the aisle.” We are both big fans of country music, so I want to wear a wedding dress, cowboy boots, and a cowgirl hat to the reception, while Tony will dress casually in jeans and cowboy boots.

Sauer isn’t simply Pierce’s lover and confidant. His brother Jimmy had a previous connection with Pierce, which resulted in the birth of her daughter Charly, who is now 18 years old.

When Sauer was 8 years old and Pierce was 25 years old, they first met. They had not seen each other in three years when they did so at a party.

She explained that they had never been a couple by saying, “After Charly was born I didn’t often see Jimmy, so we were never a couple.” When I first met Tony, he struck me as being incredibly mature for his age, and we got along swimmingly.

According to Barcroft TV, Pierce recalled that she and her lover would engage in sexual activity “up to four times a day” while they were in the beginning stages of their relationship.

Since then, she has been diagnosed with lymphedema, a disorder that has resulted in significant swelling in her left leg and hip and has negatively impacted her ability to engage in sexual activity.

“The lymphedema makes it feel as though there is another full person there. “It feels like cinder blocks are constantly hanging off of you,” Pierce said in an interview with KCRG-TV.

Sauer claims that Pierce’s size is not an issue, but he is concerned that she may pass away.

Pierce has only shed 22 pounds in the past few months despite the fact that she has cut the number of calories she consumes on a daily basis from 10,000 to 1,200. She is hopeful that gastric bypass surgery would be helpful, but the surgeons in the area won’t do the procedure on her until she has lost at least 200 pounds.

According to what she heard, there is a surgeon in Houston who is willing to perform surgery on patients who weigh more than 600 pounds. She needs to fund $5,000 so that she can pay for an ambulance, which is the only vehicle that can carry her, so that she can get there.

Pierce has started a GoFundMe campaign, which as of right now has a total of $2,338 in donations.

If the surgeon in Houston thinks she’d be a good candidate for the procedure, “My 600-lb. Life,” a series on TLC, would chronicle her experience as she prepares for the operation.

Pierce tipped the scales at 765 pounds when doctors brought a pair of heavy-duty scales to her house. This is more than 122 pounds heavier than Pauline Potter, who is acknowledged by Guinness World Records as the world’s heaviest living woman.

“I was completely taken aback when I saw that number show on the scales. That was really unexpected. According to the Mirror, she described the experience as “devastating.”