Kathy is originally from Florida and realized she needed a change. She had a terrible connection with her mother, which harmed her self-esteem and lasted well into adulthood.

Kathy decided to live her life for herself after she grew up and moved away from her abusive mother. She went to school at night and worked during the day to provide the greatest possible living for her family.

She attained her adult ambitions and even allowed her mother to move in with her when she developed dementia. She has grown more secure in herself outside of her relationship with her mother, and she sees the makeover as an opportunity to shine in her own right.

Christopher Hopkins (also known as The Makeup Guy) employs his decades of experience as an entrepreneur, comedian, and makeup artist to assist Kathy in seeing her own beauty on the inside and out. He gives motivating and inspiring makeovers to women who want to regain their confidence.

Kathy’s makeover objectives are to transform her from cautious and nervous to creative, polished, and put-together. Her previous appearance was quite natural, with a lot of neutral and dark colors.

Chris’s makeover included a great new haircut, an incredible makeup appearance, and a vibrant new wardrobe. She leaves feeling dramatic and sensual, thanks to a brightly colored shirt and pant combo.

Kathy feels inspired to keep going and live her best life now that she is aware of her true potential. She said she is getting a lot more attention and had no idea she could look this way. Kathy’s makeover provided her with a new lease on life, as well as a lot of favorable attention from others and a better view of herself.