Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho, a homeless person, resided on the streets for 35 years. He attempted to create poetry and short stories during the day, but no one ever read them.

Raimundo carried on writing every day. He had the same desire to be published worldwide as many other poets and writers, but who wants to take a chance on a destitute dreamer? Not many, in actuality.

However, when Raimundo met Shalla in the spring of 2011, everything in their life was forever altered.

Shalla couldn’t help but wonder about the vagrant Raimundo, who always sat with a pen. He was constantly writing on scraps of paper as she walked by.

Finally, Raimundo gave Shalla one of his poems one day. She started a Facebook page to showcase the man’s extraordinary talent since she moved by it.

Shalla and Raimundo were unable to predict where it would end.

A surprising figure emerged from the shadows when his poetry and stories were published.

77-year-old Raimundo has spent a terrible amount of time living on the streets of Brazil.

He was raised in a rural area before moving to the metropolis of So Paulo at 23. He did both gardening and bookselling job there.

However, Raimundo was homeless during the military dictatorship that troubled the nation in the late 1970s.

He lived on the streets for 35 years but never stopped producing poems and short stories. Outsiders were unaware of his work, but that didn’t stop him.

Although living on the streets was difficult—Raimundo wore black bags as clothing and “lived” by a busy road—he had one genuine passion.

Every day, Raimundo sat in the same spot, and those passing by had no idea why he was so fixated on his scrunched-up bits of paper.

He was seen as a nasty old man who had fallen on hard times and had no interest in helping himself by the villagers passing by.

Raimundo persisted in writing nonetheless, dreaming of the day his work would be accepted for publication.

Then in 2011, a young lady named Shalla Monteiro became his friend.

She would speak with him daily until he eventually agreed to share some of his poetry.

Shalla was so impressed with the work that she decided to share it with the world by starting a Facebook page.

When Raimundo’s essay appeared online, he was showered with encouragement. Locals sought him out and showed their support with kind presents and supportive remarks.

His Facebook page continued to expand, and at some point, Raimundo had gained 100,000 new fans.

However, the fame was only a small component of the whole. One specific special person recognized Raimundo when they saw his face on Facebook. His lost sibling was there.

The brother immediately phoned Raimundo and invited him to relocate to his home. What an excellent fortune to see each other again after all those years!

Raimundo finally had the chance to take a bath, shave, and groom himself after an unbelievable 35 years.

Raimundo now resides in a cozy home and enjoys a good night’s sleep. What a little action can achieve is simply amazing.

Shalla and Raimundo remain close friends.

A critically praised documentary called “The Conditioned” chronicles Raimundo’s incredible rise from poverty to wealth.

Of course, there are homeless individuals living on the streets worldwide.

There are people, like you and me, who are resigned to lives filled with dirt, starvation, and cold, frequently due to circumstances beyond their control.

Since they are also people, they have the same hopes, aspirations, and talents as everyone else.

We can only demonstrate our concern by offering assistance when needed. Shalla, thank you for showing the power of a little compassion. We hope it eventually starts a domino effect that keeps using the force of positivity to transform people’s lives.

You never know how a good deed might affect someone else’s life. Be kind because you might run into an angel.

Please spread the word about this if you agree.