Jamie Lee Curtis, the well-known actress and advocate for transgender rights, recently shared the heartwarming details of a private ceremony she officiated for her daughter, Ruby Guest. The wedding, which took place in the backyard of Jamie’s family home, was a beautiful celebration of love and acceptance.

Ruby, who came out as transgender to her parents in 2020 and publicly in 2021, exchanged vows with her long-time partner, Kynthia. The couple, along with all the guests, embraced the theme of a cosplay wedding. Jamie, true to her supportive and adventurous spirit, donned a costume from the World of Warcraft to officiate the ceremony.

“Why not have a little fun and make it truly memorable?” Jamie shared during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live in March 2022. She described her own costume, Jaina Proudmoore, as an admiral from the popular game. The joy and excitement in Jamie’s voice were evident as she expressed her enthusiasm for the unique nuptials.

For Jamie, having both of her children married in her backyard was a deeply meaningful experience. The actress became emotional, reflecting on the significance of being a parent and witnessing these milestone moments. “Just forgetting all of show-off business – being a parent, having both of your children married in your backyard,” Jamie expressed, her words filled with love and tenderness.

Pictures from the wedding showcase the happiness radiating from the newlywed couple, dressed in their World of Warcraft costumes. The guests also joined in the fun, fully embracing the theme. The entire occasion was a testament to the familial support and acceptance that Ruby has received.

Ruby’s journey towards self-acceptance has not been without its challenges. She shared her experiences of growing up feeling different and the struggles she faced in therapy. However, with the unwavering support of her parents, Jamie Lee Curtis and her husband Christopher Guest, Ruby found the strength to embrace her true self.

Jamie Lee Curtis openly admits that she is learning alongside her daughter, acknowledging that navigating the language and terminology of the transgender community can be challenging. The actress emphasizes the importance of being mindful and understanding when it comes to supporting and accepting transgender individuals.

While Jamie and her husband occasionally slip up with pronouns, they are committed to doing better and supporting their daughter every step of the way. Jamie hopes that by sharing Ruby’s story, other families going through similar journeys will find solace, understanding, and guidance.

Jamie Lee Curtis’ approach to parenting is one of love, support, and continuous growth. As a grateful student, she recognizes the valuable lessons she learns from Ruby and her older sister, Annie. The conversation within their family is ongoing, with a genuine desire to improve and be the best advocates they can be.

What do you think of Jamie Lee Curtis’ approach to parenting? Share your thoughts in the comments and pass on this heartwarming story to inspire others. Love knows no bounds, and acceptance creates stronger families and communities.