We all hold immense gratitude for our military men and women, as their selfless service ensures the freedom we enjoy today. It’s important to pay tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, whether through memorials, monuments, or a simple “thank you”.

However, it’s equally vital that we extend a helping hand to those veterans who are still with us and facing difficult times. It is these acts of kindness that restore our faith in humanity, like what happened to Larry Robeson.

Larry Robeson, a Vietnam veteran, returned from war unsure of his future. He found himself facing financial hardships, struggling to make ends meet. His story resonates with many veterans who often find it difficult to find the support they need. But fate had something heartwarming in store for Larry at a grocery store in Las Vegas.

While Larry himself couldn’t afford groceries, he still brought his disabled friend, Stephanie, to the store to ensure she had what she needed. Stephanie, down to her last $50, was uncertain about her future. However, their encounter with the Fox 5 Surprise Squad brought an unexpected ray of hope.

Dave Hall, the reporter leading the Surprise Squad, stepped in and assured Stephanie that her groceries were covered. As Hall spoke to Stephanie, he soon noticed Larry standing behind her.

Larry, a longtime friend of Stephanie’s husband, had founded the Bones for Blankets club. The club’s mission is to provide blankets to homeless veterans left without proper shelter after their service. This noble cause was born out of tragedy, as three veterans had tragically frozen to death due to extreme weather conditions.

Larry’s compassion extended beyond his friends – he believed that no veteran should endure the hardships that Stephanie was facing. Hall was deeply moved by Larry’s dedication and made it his mission to support him as well. Larry had only intended to purchase a few simple items for himself, but Hall ensured that he left the store with everything he needed, including an abundance of food. The bill, totaling $278, was settled by Hall and his team, leaving Larry overwhelmed with emotion as tears filled his eyes.

“You served us. It’s our turn to serve you now,” Hall told Larry, encapsulating the gratitude and respect that everyone should have for our veterans.

This heartwarming act of kindness is a reminder that even amidst life’s struggles, there are people who care. Larry and Stephanie’s story serves as inspiration for all of us – to support those who have served our country and to show kindness to one another.

If you’d like to learn more about this incredible story, please watch the video below.

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