A recent Facebook post by a Texan named Rebecca Boening has caught the attention of many. In her post, she shared an incredible encounter she had with a Burger King employee that left her truly touched.

Rebecca was driving along I-40 when her blood sugar dropped to a dangerously low level. She needed food and fast. Thankfully, a Burger King restaurant was conveniently located at the upcoming exit. However, due to her low blood sugar, she was having trouble placing her order.

In a state of confusion and vulnerability, Rebecca mentioned to the voice on the speaker that she was diabetic and needed food. It’s not easy to think or act when your blood sugar is low. As she pulled up to the first window to pay, she was surprised to see Burger King employee Tina Hardy rush towards the front of her car.

Despite the tight space between the car and the building, Tina managed to squeeze through and deliver a small serving of ice cream, knowing that Rebecca needed help. It turns out that Tina’s husband is also diabetic, so she could empathize with the situation.

After paying for her food, Rebecca pulled up to Tina’s window where she received her meal. Tina kindly instructed her to park across the driveway so she could keep an eye on her until she felt better.

Touched by Tina’s act of kindness, Rebecca went back to her window after her meal to express her gratitude. She even took a photo with Tina and spoke with Tina’s boss to thank him for his exceptional employee.

Tina Hardy, a dedicated Burger King employee, deserves praise and recognition for her selfless actions. It’s heartwarming to witness such kindness between two people, especially in a world where negative news often dominates the headlines.

If you believe in celebrating acts of kindness like Tina’s, please share this story with others. Let’s spread positivity and acknowledge the remarkable work done by this compassionate lady!