“A heartrending tale that will tug at your heartstrings. Meet Fig, a senior cat who finds himself back in a shelter after spending a glorious 7 years in a loving home. Now, in this new chapter of his life, Fig is eagerly searching for a family that will cherish and love him just as much.”

Fig’s story started back in 2016 when he arrived at the Valley Animal Center in Fresno, California as a helpless orphan. Thankfully, he was quickly adopted, and it seemed like his life had taken a turn for the better.

Unfortunately, the shelter was recently surprised when Fig was returned to them after 7 long years. His previous family had no choice but to surrender him due to the complexities of moving to a different country. Understanding the challenges of international pet relocation, the shelter empathized with their difficult situation.

The impact on Fig was undeniable. Heartbreaking videos on TikTok captured his deep sadness as he struggled with the loss of his only home. People from around the world were equally devastated, leaving heartfelt comments and expressing disbelief that someone could part ways with a beloved family member after so many years.

Recently, Fig celebrated his 8th birthday alone at the shelter, his future uncertain. Finding a new home can be a challenging task for senior cats like him. However, Fig has demonstrated remarkable resilience during this difficult time. The shelter spokesperson praises his sweetness and cooperation during his return.

Despite the obstacles, the shelter remains hopeful that Fig will find a loving and caring family to spend his remaining years with. They describe him as a laid-back and adaptable cat who would fit well into any home.

Our hearts ache for Fig and the unfortunate circumstances that led to his return after 7 years. Let’s join hands and make a difference in his life by sharing his story far and wide. Together, we can find Fig the loving home he truly deserves.