Ty and Bonny, a retired couple, have found a unique way to stay close to their grandkids – they moved into a cozy tiny home! With their two children all grown up and starting their own families, Ty and Bonny wanted to be just a stone’s throw away from their seven grandkids.

Living in a 3,000-square-foot house filled with stuff just didn’t make sense anymore. So, they made the bold decision to downsize and settle into a tiny home that suits their needs perfectly.

Their new abode, lovingly named “Journey,” is situated in Liberation Tiny Homes at the delightful Tiny Estate Village in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. From the comfort of their house, they can now appreciate a picturesque view of a tranquil pond.

Entering their tiny home, you’ll find a charming farmhouse-style interior that gives them that warm, cozy feeling of being in a countryside farm. The living area features two comfortable chairs where they can sit back and relax. Adjacent to the living area is a dining side table with a cleverly designed bench that can be tucked under, saving space and being attached to the wall.

Ty, being skilled in woodworking, used his talents to create many of the furniture pieces in the house, including the bench. On the other side of the table, you’ll find a small bar and office combined, complete with a printer and their favorite drinks on display.

Considering their love for boating, Ty and Bonny decided to keep their shoes in bins to maintain a clean and organized space. They have a storage area in the stairs leading up to the loft, where they store their dresser and other extra belongings.

The kitchen in their tiny home is surprisingly spacious, with ample storage to fit all their needs. They even have a small air fryer and a gas burner for those occasional culinary adventures. At the end of the house, you’ll find a bathroom with sliding doors, efficiently saving space. Equipped with a small sink, shower, and toilet, the bathroom meets all their essential needs.

And let’s not forget the cozy sleeping loft! Located just above the bathroom and kitchen, the loft houses a lovely queen-size bed, complete with convenient remote controls for the lights. With windows on both sides, the loft allows for a lovely breeze to sweep through, creating a tranquil sleeping space.

Although it took some getting used to, especially for Ty who stands at six feet tall, they have now grown accustomed to the size of their tiny home. They find solace in the peace and quiet it offers.

In conclusion, Ty and Bonny’s decision to embrace the Tiny Estate lifestyle has allowed them to live in a smaller space while still enjoying a high quality of life. Most importantly, it has brought them closer to the ones they love most – their grandkids. It’s a grandparent’s dream come true!