On a Sunday morning, a five-year-old hero awoke to the sound of raging fires, and his first instinct was not to save himself, but rather to save everyone else.

The five-year-old Noah Woods ran from the window after grabbing his dog and sister. However, he did so much more…

When an electrical fire started in his home on a Sunday morning, the first thing he did was to save his sister and dog.

To cover the family’s expenses, a GoFundMe page was created.

“On the morning of February 9, my 5-year-old grandson woke us up by telling us that our house was on fire. We give God praise for our Noah and his valiant deeds. By God’s goodness, all nine of our family members were able to leave our house.

We might not be here right now if Noah hadn’t existed. The kids’ bedroom is where the electrical fire first started. The flames in Noah’s chamber awakened him up. He instantly grabbed his two-year-old sister Lilly, opened the bedroom window, hopped out, and raced to our son Josh’s house next door for assistance.

All nine of us were able to reach safety in a matter of minutes. The GoFundMe page’s description reads, “We thank God that we are all safe.”

The Bartow County Fire Department wrote on their Facebook page, “Our hero!”

“5-year-old Noah Woods just discovered his bedroom on fire when he woke up. The window was the only way out. He was able to escape the fire with his 2-year-old sister before returning inside to warn the rest of the family.

Fortunately, all nine family members managed to escape the house unharmed, except for a little burn on Noah’s wrist.

Noah and four other family members received treatment for smoke inhalation and minor burns. He will receive a Lifesaving Award and be recognized as an Honorary Bartow County Firefighter by BCFD Chief Dwayne Jamison on Friday.

Noah’s grandfather, David Woods, stated, “If it weren’t for Noah, I mean, we were all asleep, so we wouldn’t have realized what was going on.” “We all might have died.”

The family was all right, but their house was a complete mess. People from all over the world donated to aid this family with the costs of rebuilding their home.

David wrote, “If it wasn’t for Noah, we might not be here today.

Noah is deserving of the praise! The family was not going to survive if it weren’t for this courageous young man. Please think about posting this incredible story on Facebook to highlight the bravery and wisdom of this 5-year-old hero!