Georgia’s Unity Grove Elementary School published a touching exchange between the head custodian and the management. The two-minute film demonstrates how highly esteemed the man is at the institution.

A woman walks up to a car in the school parking lot and hands a man some keys at the start of the footage. You still got that, she tells the surprised man. You still possess your funds.

The woman says gleefully, “It’s yours, baby,” as she approaches the man and stands next to him. “$1500,” chimes in another woman. The dude doesn’t even budge an inch before asking, “$1500?”

The female members of the administration work alongside the male head custodian of the school. He is informed that the school banded together to generate funds for the vehicle.

He then turns to face the heavens and raises his arms in victory as the women congratulate him and say, “We love you, Chris.” He cries, “There is a God, thank you!” once the startling event has passed and he still has the car keys firmly in his fingers.

To assist one of their own in his time of need, the administration and the neighborhood banded together. Every day Chris had been walking to work while he saved money for a car.

The adored custodian had no idea that his school was supporting him. Chris remarks that it was a funny turn of events: “As we’re walking up, I’m looking like, ‘Oh, this is a nice car.’” It just goes to show how differently the Lord blesses each of his children.