After admitting she could be the missing British child who went missing in Portugal in 2007, the 21-year-old submitted DNA tests.

Facial recognition research has found that it is “impossible” for the Polish woman who claimed to be Madeleine McCann to be the missing British youngster.

Julia Faustyna, also known as Wandelt or Wendell, posted on a now-deleted Instagram account that she believes she is the girl who went missing in Portugal in 2007.

The 21-year-old and her spokesperson, Fia Johansson, left Poland earlier this month and traveled to the United States when Faustyna began getting death threats online, including a bounty on her head.

Faustyna has donated DNA for testing to determine whether she is the British girl, with findings due in the following weeks.

On the other hand, a Swiss software business claims that their facial recognition test showed the clear answer: Faustyna is not Madeleine.

The 21-year-now-defunct old’s Instagram account, @iammadeleinemccann, claimed to have evidence that she was the missing daughter, including side-by-side childhood images of her and Madeleine with a similar eye condition.

Faustyna further stated that she suffers from post-traumatic amnesia due to being sexually molested as a youngster by a pedophile whose identity she does not know but recognizes as facial composite image 4B from the Locate Madeleine website.

Profound Impact recently employed their AVA-X technology to undertake the facial recognition analysis, claiming that the results refuted Faustyna’s assertions.

According to CEO Christian Fehrlin, the software compares images of people and determines whether they are the same person.

“In the case of Julia, childhood images were matched with her current face, and a current photo was matched with a photo of Maddie,” he explained.

“The findings were unmistakable. Julia cannot possibly be Maddie.”

According to Deep Impact, AVA-X provides the world’s fastest identification service and assists police forces, government institutes, and non-governmental organizations in identifying persons.

“The software has shown to be extremely accurate,” stated Fehrlin.

“The distance was so great that it is 99 percent impossible that Julia is the lost Maddie.”

“The gap shows how unlikely two faces belong to the same person.”

The news comes as Faustyna and Johansson await the findings of three different forensic examinations and a genetic test akin to 23andMe that will settle the mystery of where her true ancestry is from.

It comes after it was revealed that Faustyna is also anxiously awaiting the results of additional health tests, as doctors suspect she has leukemia.

Last week, Johansson revealed that Faustyna was in “extremely terrible” condition and was experiencing bone discomfort.

She stated that the findings of the DNA tests would determine whether the duo continues their inquiry into whether Julia is Madeleine or another missing person.

“The emphasis is now on Julia as a person, not Madeleine,” Johansson told The Sun.

“She had a neglectful upbringing and was abused a lot.”

According to Johansson, the 21-year-old has been scheduled for a CT and MRI scan to discover the source of her bone pain.

“Her blood work is also odd, so my doctor here in the US is researching whether she could have leukemia, so we are awaiting the findings. “And if she requires any treatment, we will ensure she receives it,” she stated.