Two little league players are causing some major league confusion due to their names, appearances, and, well, everything else.

Brady Feigl, a pitcher for an Oakland A’s Single-A affiliate, is 6 feet 4 inches tall. The Texas Rangers Double-A pitcher Brady Feigl is 6 feet 4 inches tall.

The Bradys both favored wearing big glasses and had red hair and beards.

Even stranger: The same surgeon performed Tommy John surgery on both of them.

Do you notice any striking similarities?

Despite their resemblance, the Feigls don’t believe they are long-lost twins who were separated at birth, or even connected in any way.

On the other hand, both Brady Feigls wanted to submit a DNA test in order to allow science make the ultimate judgment.

It turned out that they had a lot in common: The Feigls had a 53 percent Germanic heritage percentage.

But they aren’t truly related to one another because they don’t have the same DNA.

“We’re still brothers in a way,” Brady Feigl of the Texas Rangers club said, while Brady Feigl of the Oakland A’s affiliate countered, “And we’ll always be Brady Feigl.”

Brady Feigl and Brady Feigl stood alongside as they awaited the results of the DNA test and shared longing looks. In the mirror’s reflection, the two of them looked alike. They were identical twins even though they had not grown up together.

As the results were announced, worry gripped both of their stomachs. What had their parents been hiding from them for all this time?

Brady Feigl, who was born in Dallas, Texas, and who will henceforth be referred to as Brady 1, has always had a passion for baseball. He was tall and athletic, and an A student. His mother enjoys praising him for being a good child.

Brady loved and trusted his parents completely. Until he met Brady, when rumors began to spread.

Brady 2 was the class clown, always up for a good time, and had played baseball since he was able to balance himself. He was raised in Heuston, Texas. His parents, who had adopted him as a baby, had taken good care of him.

He often wondered about his birth parents and whether he had any siblings. He understood that Brady and he must be linked.

Brady and Brady were both accepted into the University of Texas in Arlington and kept playing baseball throughout their youth. Political science and accountancy were the majors of Bradys 1 and 2, respectively.

They then both went on to play for the Texas Rangers in Arlington because baseball was their shared passion. When they initially met, they could tell right away that they had a history.

The two athletes originally made their mentor, coach Johnson, giggle because they were both identical in every way. The joke got old after a time, and he found it harder and harder to coach the same redheads.

He noticed that he was becoming agitated every time he called their names and they both responded. One day, out of annoyance, he screamed, “You guys really have to figure out if you’re related or not since you’re both equally annoying!”

When the two guys turned to look at one another, they realized they had much more in common than just the same name and physical description. It cannot possibly be a coincidence.

Their teammates made numerous jokes about the two redheads because of how similar they were. They adopted the names Fred and George to set themselves apart from the twin redheaded brothers of Ron Weasley from Harry Potter.

The jokes had been lighthearted up until that point.

As the Fred and George jokes with their teammates continued, the two redheads started to wonder if they may actually be connected. When a teammate crossed the line with a joke by insinuating the two of them shared the same mother, they felt things were getting a little out of hand.

Then, both of them understood that they needed to learn more.

The two Bradys sat down and discussed the possibility that they might actually be twins or brothers after their teammate’s comments. After all, they were both the same height, wore glasses, and had a similar sense of humor.

Brady 2 was adopted, while Brady 1’s mother had blue eyes. Brady 2 and Brady 1 only had different eye colors—Brady 2 had blue eyes and Brady 1 had brown eyes. Brady 2 was an adopted child. When the opportunity came to find out if their parents had been lying, they grasped it.

The two players who were a match were adored by Texas Rangers fans. Because they were so obsessed on the notion that the two might be connected, their fans started a Kickstarter to raise money for a DNA test.

After Kickstarter reached its objective, the participants were contacted about taking the test. The two men agreed that this was the turning point in their friendship, and they both knew it.

Brady and Brady’s tests were sent out for review after receiving saliva samples. They knew the results would change their lives. Rumors that they were twins who had been separated at birth had tortured them for years.

They appeared anxious when they read the preliminary results. They struggled to accept it. Brady Feigl and Brady Feigl are not blood related at all. But the research did show that they did have a lot of similarities.

When the two Feigl’s looked at their ancestry DNA, they discovered that they had exactly the same amount of Germanic heritage (53% each).

This indicated that their last names were probably linked. Brady 2 has more Irish ancestry than Brady 1, who had some Italian heritage.

The two players were taken aback by the results, but they were glad that their parents hadn’t lied to them. However, they were still fundamentally connected in some way.

The two men, who have become extremely close friends over the years, still go by the nicknames Fred and George, which their coach now uses to separate them. Their shared DNA testing experience will keep them bonded forever.

Even though they are not related by blood, the redheaded baseball stars nevertheless regard one another as brothers.