A cardboard box is discovered by this woman on the side of the road. She was astonished when she opened it. She discovered the following inside:

On the side of the road, a cardboard box had been left unattended by a passerby. The medium-sized box had duct tape adhered to all of its edges, but the top had holes.

It was obvious that someone had left some unwanted souls at that location when one heard the screams of many pups running around within the box.

As there appeared to be a lot of pups, the bystander requested assistance from the Diasozo Animal Rescue group. A volunteer arrived at the scene quickly.

After carefully arming herself, the woman started to slowly take off the tape that was sealing the box. Her heart ached as she saw the puppy for the first time.

When the rescuer saw 9 ill puppies packed into such a small box, she was astounded. The cute puppies kept crying in despair because they were so terrified. Along with separating them from their mother, their cowardly master also left them to starve to death.

The puppies were too frail to flee or run. The rescuer took the package and secured it in her vehicle. Priority number one was getting the puppies to the shelter so they could eat. The small ones ate the entire bag of food, that’s how hungry they were.

Once the puppies had eaten, they recovered and started to show an interest in their surroundings. The tiny pack was fervently seeking for its savior and made repeated attempts to smother him in affection and shower him with kisses.

Since they are only a month old, these infants still have a long way to go before they are fully recovered, but at least they are safe and cared for for now.

It’s a miracle that anyone found and saved these puppies in time. It is awful that individuals choose to leave abandoned animals instead of giving them to a shelter.

We hope that each and every one of these gorgeous puppies finds a loving home and the care they so well deserve. We wish them all a long and prosperous life!

Click on the video below to watch saving the puppies: