This is a marriage story I heard while growing up…

When I got home that night, while my wife was serving me dinner, I grabbed her hand and said, I have something to tell you. She sat down and ate quietly. I watched her and saw the pain in her eyes, suddenly, I didn’t know how to open my mouth, but I had to tell her what I was thinking. “I want the divorce.”

She didn’t seem disgusted by my words and asked me softly why? … I didn’t know what to answer.

That night we didn’t speak or listen to how much she cried. I knew she wanted to know what was happening with our marriage, but I couldn’t answer her. She had lost my heart; now it belonged to another woman named Juana. I no longer loved my wife, I just felt sorry for her.

With a great sense of guilt, I wrote a divorce agreement, and in this agreement, she kept the house, the car, and 30% of our business. She looked at the agreement and tore it apart.

She spent ten years with me, and we were like strangers. I felt sorry for her, for all the lost time and her energy, but I could no longer change, I loved Juana. Suddenly she began to scream and cry to vent. The idea of ​​divorce was clearer to me now.

The next day I got home and found her writing on the table. I didn’t eat dinner and went to sleep, I was exhausted from spending the day with Juana.

When I woke up, my wife was still writing on the table. I didn’t care, I turned around and went to sleep.

In the morning, my wife presented me with her conditions for divorce. She wanted nothing from me but needed a month’s notice before the divorce. In her condition, she asked me that for a month, we had to live, as usual, life normal. Her reason was simple, our son had a test scheduled throughout the month, and I didn’t want to bother him with our broken marriage.

I agreed, she had another request. She would remember when I carried her to our room the day we were married. She asked me to carry her from the room to the house’s front door every day for that month.
I thought she was crazy, but to run the peace party and for her to sign the divorce after the month, I agreed.

I told Juana what my wife had asked me. She laughed out loud and said that the request was absurd, that no matter what trick she used, she would have to face the divorce.

My wife and I had no physical contact since I expressed my intentions for divorce, so we both felt bad and uncomfortable when I carried her on the first day to the departure door.

Our son walked behind, clapping his hands and saying, “Dad is holding my mom in his arms. His words caused me a lot of pain. I walked the 10 meters with my wife in my arms, she closed her eyes and said in a low voice: “Don’t tell our son about the divorce.” I nod, a little disgusted, put it down when I got to the door and went to wait for transportation to go to work.”

The second day, We were both more relaxed; she leaned against my chest. I could feel its fragrance, I realized that I had not looked at it carefully for a long time. She was not so young anymore, she had some wrinkles, some gray hair. The damage to our marriage was remarkable. For a moment, I thought and wondered. What did I do to her? …

On the fourth day, I carried her, and I felt that intimacy was returning. This was the woman who gave me ten years of her life. On the fifth and sixth days, our intimacy continued to grow. I didn’t say anything about it to Juana, but it was easier to carry my wife each day. I thought I was getting used to carrying her because it was less noticeable to carry the weight of her body as the days went by.

One morning she was looking at what to wear, she had tried on many dresses, but they were useless. She complained, saying: My clothes had gotten big! And it was there that I realized that she was skinny, so I did not feel her weight when carrying her.

Suddenly I felt that I had buried a lot of pain and bitterness. Without realizing it, I touched her hair, at that moment, our son entered the bedroom and said: “Dad, it’s time for you to carry Mom to the door.”

For my son, seeing his father day after day carrying his mother to the door had become an essential part of his life. My wife hugged him, and I turned my face away, afraid he would change my thoughts about divorce.

Carrying my wife in my arms to the door felt like the first day of our wedding. She caressed my neck gently, and naturally, I hugged her tight, just like our wedding night. I hugged her and didn’t move, but she felt so light and thin that it made me sad.

The last day I hugged her, and I didn’t want to move, I liked the moment to last much longer.

I drove to the office, and my impulse made me change direction. Upon reaching my new destination, I got out of the car, went up the stairs, and when I knocked on the door, Juana opened it for me.

Without hesitation, I looked into her eyes and said, “I’m sorry, I don’t want, and I’m not going to divorce my wife.”

Juana looked at me in amazement, she wanted explanations. I loved my wife, and she loved me. We entered a routine, and I was bored, I did not value the details of our life until I started to carry it again, and I realized that I must and want to carry it for the rest of our lives.

Juana cried, slapped me, and closed the door. I went down the stairs, got in the car, and got to the flower shop. Bought the most beautiful one for my wife. The young woman at the flower shop handed me a card, wherein handwriting I wrote: “I will carry you every morning until death does us part.”

I arrived home with flowers and a smile, I ran and went up to meet my wife, but I was too late. I came running only to find out she was no more!

The cancer had been found, and I was so busy with Juana that I didn’t realize it. My wife knew she was dying, so she asked for a month’s notice before the divorce so that our son would not have a bad memory of his parents’ married life. So you don’t have a negative reaction.

At the very least, he would be left to know that his father was a husband who loved his wife.

These little details matter in a relationship, not the house, the car, or the money in the bank. They create an environment that you think will lead to happiness, but it doesn’t.

Try to keep your marriage happy, share this story, and you may be saving a marriage. All failure stories are the same, they give up when they are about to find success.

And remember, “We don’t know what we have until we lose it.”