The Make Over Guy video starts with a flashback of the client’s sister’s reaction. She’s definitely taken aback, which keeps us waiting for the surprise.

She is a 60-year-old retired registered nurse who has accomplished little for herself. She admits that she watched hundreds of makeover videos before deciding to do it for herself.

As she quips back and forth with Christopher, the former nurse has a fantastic sense of humor about her appearance. “I tried to make myself look as bad as possible,” she laughs. Christopher tells her she’d make a good model for a turn-of-the-century immigrant. He softens the joke by claiming that if it weren’t for his own hair and cosmetics, he would look the same.

As he places different swatches against the woman’s head, Christopher demonstrates how to match her hair color to her natural hue. He explains that in order to complement her skin and change from the original salt and pepper, they must stay in the cool hue family and avoid red tones.

This woman is the ideal candidate since she is willing to try anything. Christopher is ecstatic when she informs him she’s ready for short hair. She even says she’ll do a pixie but doesn’t have the hair for it. “Well, let’s see, let’s see.”

When the woman reappears in the next scene, she is practically unrecognizable from her former self. She has a beautiful darker short hairdo with a top curl. Her makeup is immaculate and vivid, and her eyes really stand out.

What was the best part? “Just letting Christopher to his magic.” The woman says she feels like she’s thirty-five again. It doesn’t get much better than that—what a fantastic transformation.