A 14-year-old teenager, was just hours away from certain death

A young woman in the United Kingdom has gained new insight into the significance of her mother’s advice that a tampon should not be worn for longer than eight hours.

After leaving a tampon in her body overnight, 14-year-old Molly Pawlett came dangerously close to passing away from toxic shock syndrome.

On April 10, the adolescent awoke feeling under the weather but didn’t give it much thought because she didn’t believe it was a big deal. That was the moment when her parents’ natural instinct as mothers emerged.

According to what Sonia Pawlett said to the Daily Mail, “At first I thought Molly had a sickness, but for some reason I had the peculiar sense it was something more serious.” [Citation needed]

She recalled saying something to the effect of, “I asked Molly if she was wearing a tampon, which she was.” “I had cautioned her against wearing a tampon while sleeping, but of course, she believed that being 14, she knew better,” I said.

At this point, the girl’s entire body was covered with a rash all over the place.

Even though Molly withdrew the tampon as soon as she realized what was happening, she had already been wearing it for ten hours and needed immediate medical assistance.

Sonia explained that if they hadn’t rushed her to the hospital at the right time, it might have been too late to save her life.

Toxic shock syndrome is a rare and life-threatening consequence that is caused by bacterial infections, according to the Mayo Clinic.

The disease is most usually connected with using superabsorbent tampons or using tampons for a lengthy amount of time. The Mayo Clinic recommends using tampons with the lowest possible absorbency and changing them at least every four to eight hours in order to lower your chance of getting an infection.

When your flow is quite light, using pads and liners might also be helpful.

Molly exhibited not only fever and a rash, but also the other signs of toxic shock syndrome, which include redness of the eyes, lips, and throat.

Because the adolescent’s kidneys began to fail as her body began to shut down, the prompt action taken by her mother most likely saved her life.

Molly spent five days in the hospital, but thankfully, the doctors were able to bring her illness under control and she was able to go home.

The women are currently spreading awareness about the causes and symptoms of traumatic stress syndrome (TSS). Sonia stated that although many of the moms she had spoken to at the hospital had heard of toxic shock, they were not familiar with any of the signs, which is a very serious oversight.

Molly continued by saying, “I often wear a tampon, and so do my classmates at school; therefore, I was completely astonished, and I didn’t think I was doing anything illegal.”

“I really want to stress to other women that they shouldn’t leave their tampons in for more than eight hours at a time. I’m thankful that I made it through, but others may not have been as fortunate.”