9-year-old Noah was eating breakfast at Denny’s with his mother when he noticed a police officer alone at a nearby table.

Immediately, Noah felt anxious. He was sure he wanted to do something, but he wasn’t sure what.

After informing his mother that the police officer had been seen, he began formulating a strategy.

When Noah was a child, he was ambitious to become a police officer. He requested permission from his mother to visit Officer Eddie Benitez and say hello.

Of course, his mother accepted, but when Noah began approaching Eddie, he grew so anxious that he dared not speak. A few minutes later, he devised a new strategy to make the officer leap out of his chair.

Noah wanted to buy Eddie’s breakfast with some money he had saved for his birthday.

His mother, Amanda, signaled the waitress, who also informed her of the strategy. Noah left a note on the receipt after they paid Eddie’s charge.

Noah took the receipt and walked over to the officer.

Eddie was perplexed about why Noah had his receipt when he saw the child approaching him, but he quickly realized what was happening. The young youngster jumped out of his seat after reading what he had written and posed for a picture with his new fan.

Eddie still carries the note Noah wrote him every day since he was so affected by the gesture.

It had great significance. It indicated that I must get out of bed each morning, wear my uniform, and perform my duties. Do you realize? It implies that I must continue to try to set a positive example for all these young men.

The tale touched their hearts so much that Eddie’s employer, the Lakeland Police Department, posted a picture of Noah and Eddie on their Facebook page.

Noah now wants to be a police officer more than ever because of the positive response his thoughtful gesture garnered.

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