What will you do if you are kidnapped? It is something which we can never wish to experience, but it is such an important question to think about.

One day Jordan Dinsmore was kidnapped and that is when she remembered her mother’s advice.

She had been advised by her mother not to be alone because if kidnappers ever found her alone, she will have nobody to help her.

On that day, the University student had just returned home after working in the morning hours. When she was abducted, the whole experience felt like a Hollywood movie scene.

She was outside her house which is located in Columbia, S.C when she was approached by three men. They started off by snatching her purse and phone.

They also wanted to steal her car, but they never know how a stick shift is driven. They then forced her at gunpoint to get into the car and then drive them to a nearby ATM.

“I panicked and started screaming,” she told Teen Vogue. “‘Shut up or I’ll shoot you,’ the guy holding the gun told me as he forced me to the ground.”

As she left for the ATM, she remembered her mother’s advice.

Her mother, Beth Turner, had urged her to “never let someone take you to a second location” because “that’s where the really bad stuff happens.”

As she returned to the car, she never buckled back and fortunately none of the men noticed. She then jumped out of the car as they were nearing an intersection after engaging the vehicle in neutral.

Though it was a traumatizing experience, the college student who major in criminal justice was lucky to escape.

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