Children grow up so quickly! Suri Cruise isn’t any different. The 16-year-old teen has begun to resemble someone famous—both of her famous parents!

Suri Cruise’s parents are Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, two well-known people. Her parents began dating in 2005 and married the following year. Suri was born a few months before her parents’ legal marriage.

Tom and Katie were frequently seen taking their daughter on outings and defending her from crazed paparazzi, hoping to capture a photo of the famous family during their approximately six-year marriage.

Suri’s famous parents fiercely protected her, shielding her from the spotlight and the media by frequently covering her face. Suri does not have a personal public social media account, so this has not changed over time.

However, the adolescent is now frequently photographed as she leaves her New York apartment. In her most recent photos, taken just a few days ago, the 16-year-old looks exactly like her famous parents.

Suri Cruise looks exactly like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, unlike some children who only look like one parent. The teenager appears to have traits from both parents and has a nice appearance.

Despite their striking resemblance, Suri Cruise and her A-List actor father, Tom Cruise, are said to be estranged.

They were last seen in public together in 2012. Katie Holmes is also said to be dissatisfied with Tom for not trying harder to be more involved in her daughter’s life.

The myth that Tom’s Scientology beliefs have anything to do with his refusal to meet and maintain contact with his daughter is untrue.

Scientology, according to reports, does not bar parents from seeing their children. However, it is entirely possible that Tom and Suri will meet privately.

Whatever their current relationship is, there is no denying that Suri Cruise resembles her father as much as she does her mother.

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