14-year-old boy will do whatever it takes to afford a nice lunch for his girlfriend

A young man of 14 years old has been working hard to earn some money in order to pay for lunch with the girl he likes. He wants to surprise her.

The young man has been demonstrating to the adults in his community that not all teens are as slothful as they believe by going door to door in his area to offer his gardening services.

After a picture of the romantic young guy that was put online by a moved client, Ryan Cox, went viral with over 90,000 shares, over 90,000 individuals have expressed their appreciation for the young man’s efforts.

Ryan uploaded a picture to show a little child cutting the grass at his house. He said: “This 14-year-old youngster came by the home with a lawnmower asking to mow our grass for $5.” He was referring to the boy who stopped by the house with the lawnmower.

Being the hustler that I am, I had no choice but to ask this child why he was mowing lawns. The response he gave was, “I’d want to take my girlfriend out to lunch tomorrow, but I don’t have enough money.”

Naturally, Ryan was unable to bring himself to be dishonest on this particular occasion, so he paid the boy the full sum of five dollars and then accompanied him on his journey to find additional door-to-door business by offering his neighbors services such as mowing their lawns and sweeping their sidewalks.

It seems that the boy’s efforts were not in vain since, by the end of the day, he had earned sufficient funds to present his girlfriend with both lunch and flowers.

Looks like she’s got herself a keeper.